Bc127 current spikes causing brownouts

Is it normal for the bc127 to require spikes of current under any circumstances? When we pair to a bc127 with a cell phone and being to play audio through it, or hang up a phone call while using the bc127 for audio output, the current demand spikes up to ~250mA for a few usec, long enough to cause a brown out and reboot as our regulator cannot keep up. During normal operation, including streaming audio, it only requires a few mA, these spikes only occur when we first begin playing audio, or when a phone call is disconnected. Is this normal and expected?

We found the issue. Unused audio output pins were grounded. When a loud beep played, the module would suddenly require about 300mA of current, then reboot. Floating the unused audio pins seems to have resolved it.

which Pin from the BC127 do you mean ?

Pins 15 and 16, the right speaker outputs. They are unused in our design and the datasheet was unclear on what to do with them if unused, so we put pads in case they needed to be pulled down with resistors but with the intention to leave them floating. The pads were accidentally populated with 0 ohm resistors.