BC127 connect with phone

Hi there,
I have the BC127 in default settings. It is in discoverable mode and it appears on my phone but I can´t get it connected to my phone. What do I have to do?

Hi @ml.schuene

By default the module is not in a connectable state.
To connect to the module:

  1. Press the PAIRING button to enter pairing mode (make the module discoverable and connectable). The blue and green LEDs will start blinking.
  2. On your smartphone, go to the Bluetooth settings application and scan for devices in the area. Your device should appear in the list with its default name—‘BC-’ and the last 6 characters of the Bluetooth address. (For example, “BC-04A3F1”.)
  3. Connect to the device.

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Hi Donald,
thanks for your reply. I tried that by using VREG as indicated in the Melody Audio 7.x User Guide r3-3. However I still get the same error.


Can you send the below to the unit?


Then try connecting the phone to the BC127 and pasted everything into the post so we can see what is happening.