Hello all,
I am currently trying to configure the bc127 to act as a wireless BT speaker.

The only issue i am having is the use of the aux port. In a typical BT speaker you are able to plug your phone/ipod via aux cord and play music regardless of an active BT connection. From what i read, the only use of aux port being used is when there is active TWS connection but i am only using one bc127. The only way i can get music to play through the aux jack is one of two ways.

  1. configure melody to “ROUTE 1” which will then disable a future A2DP stream and also resets to “ROUTE 0” (automatic routing) upon reboot
  2. manually solder a wire to from the left or right channel(MIC_LP/MIC_LN or MIC_RP/MIC_RN) to pin 13 or 14 (SPKR_LN OR SPKR_RN) on the bc127. This is also problematic because the PIO functionalities such as volume up or down are disabled.

What I’m trying to accomplish:

  1. plug in an aux cord, play music with PIO0 and PIO1 functioning properly without an active connection
  2. Disconnect my aux cord, establish a BT connection with my phone and stream music.
  3. All needs to be done without rebooting the device, acting as a standard BT speaker.

Also, are there specific pins on the bc127 that can be pulled high or low to act like the commands “ROUTE 0” or the “ROUTE 1” in melody?

Any advice would be a great help! Questions are encouraged and will provide as much information as i can about my design. The pdf attached below (pages 3 &4) can offer some clarity as well.

Thank you,
-Josh P.
bc127_aux.pdf (588 KB)