Basic questions about security library

I want to do some tests with SSL connections, but documentation poor as usual. May be someone can give me advise/info.

  1. Is any affective way to configure SSL library dinamically? I.e. not hardcoded options list, but produced from current values of configuration variables: encription (WIP_SSL_DES+WIP_SSL_RC2) or (WIP_SSL_RC2+WIP_SSL_RC4) and so on. WIP_SSL_ enemeration looks mmmmm not the most effective way i can imagine.
    What about multiple calls to wip_SSLInitOpts()?

  2. What if i use saved SSL session with wrong server and so on (session cant be reused), any info on expected behaviour? Looks like specific error codes not supported by the library at all.

  3. In examples provided, before SSL channel creation i can see watchdog timer suspension:

/* Kill HW watchdog for 2 minutes */
  adl_wdPut2Sleep( ADL_TMR_S_TO_TICK(1200));

It means program flow can be locked on up to 2 minutes on wip_SSLClientCreate? :open_mouth:


Please elaborate about your use case a bit more, i mean what do want to achieve exactly ? Why do you want multiple calls to wip_SSLInitopts ?