Auto switching of the firmware based on the SIM operator

I have the latest firmware installed on EM7455 for Verizon, ATT, GENERIC etc

I am attempting to switch the appropriate firmware file based on the SIM operator (by inserting SIM from different operators.). I have tried AT!IMPREF=”AUTO-SIM” but it does not work properly.

Is there any AT command to perform SIM operator and Active firmware matching?

Is there any way to automatically switch to correct firmware, if available? If the matching firmware is not available then switch to GENERIC firmware.


So I have attached an example of switching to a different firmware image manually EM7565 multi image update and image switch.txt (12.0 KB) , its for an EM7565 but the principle and commands are the same as for the 74.

The auto SIM switching does work if faced with known MCC/MNC combinations on the SIM IMSI but operators have a lot of different ones so we cannot take all of them into account as there is no way to find out what they are i.e. AT&T have different MCC/MNC combinations for the standard SIM’s vs cat M1 SIM’s issues to industrial customers.



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