"at!udpid?" cmd response Read error while using adl_ API

Hi , I am using the SL8082BTA

In my application i want to read the product Id and Vendor ID and upon validation I am taking some action.
so I am sending AT command “at!udpid?” using adl_atCmdSend(…) API and but i am getting response as ERROR,
I also tried to use the adl_atCmdSendExt(…) API but I am getting ERROR as response.

I am not sure if we can send extended AT command and read the response by adl API for "at!udpid"command.
could you please tell me any way that i can send the “at!udpid” command and read back its replay using adl library.

any help is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t think you can send AT! commands through API, only AT+ commands are allowed…


I have found the workaround for the problem,
when you want to send the extended AT command using Adl__ api just use ‘+’ instead of ‘!’ in command.

Extended AT command works with ‘+’.

ex use — AT+UDPID instead of AT!UDPID

Hope this will help you.