AT port on WP7608

We recently got a new module: WP7608 to be used on Mangoh Red. It is running on latest firmware. Currently the AT port is not getting shown in Windows. I am getting only two ports: DM and NMEA.

Earlier, we were using WP7502 where COM6 used to appear as AT port for modem commands.

Is there is any fix?

I would both use the latest greatest drivers on the source and check under modems rather than ports it is probably thereā€¦



As Matt says, the modem interface should be there, and AT commands are supported on that interface (same as WP7502). On WPx5 series, a second AT Port interface was provided, which was removed (or more accurately, not added) on WP76xx and WP77xx. There is some ongoing discussion about re-introducing that interface, but please feel free to describe your need for that interface here, or by private message if you prefer. A collection of use cases helps adjust priorities or might let us recommend an alternative. Hopefully the Modem interface gives you everything you need :slight_smile:

Thanks mlw and rkirk. I was able to use modem com port for at commands.