Asynchronous Modbus requests not working

Hi Vitali,

I will enter a Jira ticket for this. Could you send me a link to the device?


Hi David!

As I wrote above, I fixed the Modbus error on the existing equipment by rolling back to firmware version 3.3.1. If you need a link to this device, then here it is (only this device is currently turned off due to the lack of external power on the site):

If you need a link to the device where the Modbus error is currently present, then here it is (only one sensor is connected here - resources: modbus/rtu/cc2/request):

Guillaume Betous wrote above that he tried to disconnect and connect Modbus devices. I think that this makes sense, since according to my observations, the Modbus error often appears just at those moments when Modbus devices are disconnected and connected. I have one device installed on live equipment where there are problems with Modbus, possibly due to bad contacts. And on this device, the Modbus error discussed here has already appeared, but after rebooting the gateway it disappeared. Until the Modbus line on this equipment is fixed, you can watch this device. Here is a link to it if you need it:

Hi David!

Above, I gave a link to a test device on which at that moment there was a modbus error.

After a while, I noticed that this device lost connect with Octava, although it is turned on and the green LED shows that the modem is connected to the mobile operator’s cellular network. Just in case, I will give data on the state of the device and the log of work for 2 hours:

root@fx30s:~# app status
[stopped] Energiya
[running] actions
[running] atAirVantage
[running] atQmiLinker
[running] atService
[running] avcService
[running] canopen
[running] cellNetService
[running] cloudInterface
[running] columbiaAtService
[running] dataConnectionService
[running] dataHub
[running] diagnostic
[running] factoryRecoveryService
[running] fileStreamService
[running] files
[running] fwupdateService
[running] gpioService
[running] io
[running] location
[running] modbus
[running] modemService
[running] orp
[running] portService
[running] positioningService
[running] powerMgr
[running] powerService
[running] qmiAirVantage
[running] router
[running] secStore
[running] security
[running] timer
[stopped] tools
[running] usp
[running] util
[running] virtual
root@fx30s:~# cm info
Device:                        FX30S(WP7702)
IMEI:                          354723090131516
IMEISV:                        8
FSN:                           VU933300571210
Firmware Version:              SWI9X06Y_02.36.08.09 c094f4 jenkins 2022/06/24 03:14:28
Bootloader Version:            SWI9X06Y_02.36.08.09 c094f4 jenkins 2022/06/24 03:14:28
MCU Version:                   002.015
PRI Part Number (PN):          9907957
PRI Revision:                  001.000 
Carrier PRI Name:              SIERRA
Carrier PRI Revision:          001.049_000
SKU:                           1103882
Last Reset Cause:              Reset, User Requested
Resets Count:                  Expected: 8842	Unexpected: 1
FX30 Version:                  R15.0.5.002
root@fx30s:~# cm radio
Power:                         ON
Current Network Operator:      KYIVSTAR
Current RAT:                   GSM network (LE_MRC_RAT_GSM)
Status:                        Registered, home network (LE_MRC_REG_HOME)
Signal:                        Good signal strength (3)
PS:                            Packet Switched Registered, home network (LE_MRC_REG_HOME)
root@fx30s:~# cm data
Index:                         1
APN:                           internet
PDP Type:                      IPV4V6
Connected:                     yes
Interface:                     rmnet_data0
Family[IPv6]:                  inet6
IP[IPv6]:                      2a02:2378:1055:1e36:753d:17d6:58a6:4e1a
Gateway[IPv6]:                 2a02:2378:1055:1e36:757a:aaee:a687:72c9
Dns1[IPv6]:                    2a02:2378::53:1
Dns2[IPv6]:                    2a02:2378::53:2

tldszzz_log_20230127_02.txt (4.2 MB)