[ask] How to decode this coded data (AT+STGI)


i have trouble to decode this following coding format, since this coding format is lack of documentation.
my question is, what kind of coding format??

+STGI: “3TopUp”
+STGI: 128,2,“810B00CDE5EEF520B3D4EFF0D5F0”,0,33
+STGI: 129,2,“80004200610068006100730061FFFF”,0


thank you

A good start would be to read the referenced GSM TS 11.14…

@tobias, thank you for your reply.

my problem is now solved, for all of you that has the same problem with me please check Wavecom documentation
An introduction to the SMS in PDU mode GSM Recommendation)

thank you



Hi Kepeto

Can you give more information concerning the way you find solution to decode it