ARM Exception

Trace	HLH	1	ARM Data Abort caught at 000A0D30, Current Task 0x1D by CP15

Hi again, i have some trouble porting an application from Q24 to Q2686g (fw R74), i configure the builder options mentype 1MB+, i look for the problem everywhere with no luck… someone knows where coulds the problem are?

The Exception occurs when i try to use a sockect (TCP Server).

PD: sorry for my english ^^

Are you trying to download l .dwl file of Q24 to Q2686g?

Can u tell me what is Q24?

WIP requires additional stack space - Have you increased your stack size?


OK… i have a application for Wavecom Modem Q24EX001, and i want to port this application to a new modem Q2686g. Previously i used OpenAT SDK 3.14 but i migrated to M2M Studio 6.30.

I did the needed changes to the code and i compile de the application for Q26 without error. The app works fine, until i enable a new socket TCP to listen… and Crush…

i hope explain me well…:s

Yes awneil… i use this code

#if __OAT_API_VERSION__ >= 400
const u16 wm_apmCustomStackSize = 4096;
u32 wm_apmCustomStack[1024];
const u16 wm_apmCustomStackSize = sizeof(wm_apmCustomStack);

And the api version is 630 … :s

Are you using GCC compiler?
If yes, you will have to increase again the stack size (*3 !)
Indeed, one of the drawbacks of migrating an application from old Open AT IDE to M2M Studio is that you have to be very carefull about the stack size:
old Open AT IDE was automatically (implicitely) adding a *3 factor to the stack size when compiling with GCC, since this compiler if far more greedy for call stack than “official” ARM compilers
But M2M Studio doesn’t (!) since we believe the user has to have the entire control of its RAM mapping.
So you may try with:

const u16 wm_apmCustomStackSize = 4096 * 3;