[Android] Cellular Network does not show in GUI

Hello everyone,
I’m using Raspberry Pi 4 as the Android host (images were built by AOSP). I connect the EM9190 module to the host and currently the AT port, wwan0 are available. But when check the Setting UI in the host, Cellular network was not showed. Besides that, the sim card also was not detected in the GUI. Check the radio log, I observed that the subscription ID always get invalid value (-1).
Can anyone please look into this, what can be the problem? Any hint would be appreciated.
Thank so muck!
logcat.txt (2.2 MB)
logcat_radio_1.txt (720.5 KB)

Hi Mr Thien,
Did you check the module EM9190 with the window host?

Hi tatan,
Yes, I have checked on Window host and it works normally.