All packets being addressed to MAC 00:a0:c6:00:00:00. Why?



I recently starting working with cellular modems. I am very new to SierraWirelss modules. We recently obtained 2 MC7700 AirPRime modules for AT&T. It looks like the modules have a firmware bug. Although the operating system sets the correct MAC address as the source MAC for all outbound traffic, the returning Ethernet frames all have 00:a0:c6:00:00:00 as MAC address. We verified this using tcpdump

We are using GibiNet and GobiSerial and SDK version 1.09.04. The SierraLinuxQMIDriver version is S2.11N2.16. We obtained all these drivers from Sierra Wireless FAE.

Is this a know issue?



This is a firmware bug observed on many different MDM9200 and MDM9600 based devices, so it is believed to come from the embedded Qualcomm firmware.

We resorted to just overwriting it in the mainline driver: … 9eb837909e