ALEOS Get Data


Hi again,

Now, using de Device Parameters Access.

How can i get de DeviceID used in AVL aplications or RAP ? (not ID Global system.hw_info.global_id).

And is possible create a RAP mesage using Device Parameters?




That one seems to have been left out. However, you can access it using “aleos.10928” as the path.

It should be possible to create a RAP message, but why, when it can be done far easier in ALEOS? You want different content?



Hi Jim, sorry for delay

Actually i developing an aplication using ALEOS EAF, but in some circunstances i need send a RAP message to our AVL aplication, or in the best of the cases change the RAP Type (like Event Report) 0x24 - 0x2B. Exist this posibility, i can change this information and send this RAP message?

So what is the correct parameter to get a DeviceID using aleos.10928 path?


Thanks Jim

Regards from Mexico



To get the RAP deviceID, you can use:
local deviceID = devicetree.get(“aleos.10928”)

You want to force a RAP event message of a specific type?
I’ll check to see if it’s possible to trigger one, but think you will have to recreate it in your application.
What is the RAP message type you have configured that is normally sent?



Hi Jim,

We use a RAP14, i need change only a number into a rap type, ex. if the appl into a GX400 detect a RPM over 3500 send a RAP type 99.