Airprime WP SNAP-IN BASE CAD Drawing

Hi, may I ask if you have an available 3D file data or detailed and complete package drawing for WP Snap-in Base available? An .stp file would do. Thanks.

Does this help?

Hi, apologies but I am not seeing any relevant resources of CAD Drawing pertaining to the product I am looking for.

how about the “mechanical”?
I saw there is .dxf file inside.

This is now what I am looking for. I am looking for a more detailed CAD drawing for the base of Snap In WP Air Prime without the covers.,-d-,0.ashx

how about this one?

The above mentioned resources are for footprint CAD details. What I am looking for is a detailed drawing with complete views of the product and not just the outline dimensions. Please kindly review any attachment before posting. Thanks.

See if this help:,-d-,5mm-3d-models/#sthash.rjKp8FOQ.yvBISYjE.dpbs

I don’t have much knowledge on mechanical stuff, but just trying to help you.
If this is not what you want, you can contact distributor for more detail.


Unfortunately I have already looked at those and I am unable to extract any data from them. Any document with dimensions would be helpful. I also was able to contact manufacturer but only through the ‘contact-us’ form on their support instruction site.

I you have any email I can ask for any direct technical help that would be also gladly appreciated. Thanks.

no, i don’t have knowledge on those .stp file, probably you need to contact distributor.

Hello, noted. I will just be waiting for any reply from them. If there are relevant resources given I shall upload here as well. Thanks again.