Airprime EM7565 LTE Advanced Pro Module supporting OTA features

Dear all,

as i could not find the list of supported OTA features for the Airprime EM7565 module running the Firmware: Generic/AT&T/Verizon;, i hope someone can help me here.

I would like to know
a) which OTA commands are supported by this Firmware on the Airprime EM7565 module
b) specificly: Is the PRL (Preferred Roaming list) update possible via OTA and fully supported by this Firmware?

thanks to all for any inside

Hi @kai.moeller

Commands used to interact with AirVantage.
+WDSC Configure AirVantage Management Services 109
+WDSE Display most recent AirVantage Management Services error 111
+WDSG Display AirVantage Management Services status information 112
+WDSI Activate/deactivate AirVantage Management Services unsolicited notifications 113
+WDSI (notification) AirVantage Management Services events—Unsolicited notification 114
+WDSR Reply to AirVantage server request 116
+WDSS Configure/connect AirVantage Management Services session 117
Please refer to 41111748 AirPrime EM75XX AT Command Reference r2.pdf for more details.

No, it isn’t. Preferred Roaming List for CDMA carriers. The EM7566 doesn’t support CDMA so no PRL is implemented or updated.

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Dear Donald,
meanwhile i checked the document. And in the supported AT commands list +CPLS - Preferred PLMN list selection is tagged as supported.
I am not a specialist of the CDMA, UMTS, LTE implementations, but i am searching for a confirmation if Preferred Roaming list update via the carrier could be done using the AT command +CPLS. Or from which version this would be supported for the Airprime EM7565 module. It would be great, if an engineer from Sierrawireless could give a feedback.
thanks a lot for any additional information or confirmation

Hi @kai.moeller

EM7565 has supported +CPLS command.

+CPLS Command: Select Preferred PLMN List
0 User controlled PLMN selector with Access Technology EFPLMNwAcT. If not found in the SIM/UICC, then the PLMN preferred list is EFPLMNsel (this file is only available in SIM card or GSM application selected in UICC)
1 Operator controlled PLMN selector with Access Technology EFOPLMNwAcT
2 HPLMN selector with Access Technology EFHPLMNwAcT

Please find the log file in the attachment.EM7565.txt (1.3 KB)