AirLink Public IP

I have two MP70 modems. I inserted a Verizon SIM cards into these modems.

The modem ALEOS interface indicates a public IP address of 100.x.x.x. This changes every time I reboot, as expected.

When I open a browser, I have internet access. When I ask Google for my IP address, it returns and address that begins with 174. This does not match the address in the ALEOS interface.

I have configured Dynamic DNS. This successfully registers the 174 address on the DYN DNS service.

I can ping the 100 address, but not the 174 address.

I am trying to establish a VPN between these two modems. I was depending on the Dynamic DNS service to establish this connection. However, there are two different IP addresses being used per modem.

Does anyone have any insight regarding this issue?

Thank you.

Hi Itumbleson,

Are you able to access ALEOS ACEmanager web page by DYN DNS FQDN? If not, you may need to contact Verizon to purchase static public IP’s

I can access the modem, on the public IP of 100… That is the IP that is displayed in ALEOS. Unfortunately, this is not the IP address that Dynamic DNS assigns to the DYN DNS FQDN.

My FQDN is a 174… address. I can ping the modem and access ALEOS through the 100… address.

It’s really strange.

This has not been ‘resolved’, but I have determined the problem.

Verizon uses “Dynamic Private IP” for dynamic IP addresses. This puts the mobile device behind a NAT.

They want $500 to configure a static IP.