AirCard 330U Support

I get that at some point products get left behind … however … for a device that worked great in XP and Win 7, it is curious that BELL and NETGEAR still appear to offer drivers for Win 7 64b, Win 8 and 10 while ROGERS and Sierra appear to have completely dropped support.

I was able to trick Windows 7 64b in running the ROGER’s embedded install by first installing Watcher_Generic_UM.msi from Netgear … once this is uninstalled, Windows uses the Netgear driver(s) which allows the Rogers software to run in Win 7 64b

Please refer to announcement:

Perhaps there should be a notification/redirection of that sort for anyone trying to find information on the aircard which is “IDENTIFIED” as being manufactured by Sierra
on your site … how is anyone supposed to know you sold your product to someone else … 3yrs ago or otherwise. :smiling_imp: :angry: