Aircard 320U in Windows cannot recognizes LTE

Hi there.

I’m using Aircard 320U with Windows 10.
Bundeled software (Telstra Watcher) cannot recognize my aircard, neither do software that provided by Netgear.
So I’m using Windows 10’s default settings.

I’m using Korea, and SIM definitely supports LTE, and even my aircard’s LED shows that it is connected to LTE signal.
When I do speedtest, there’s a big difference between HSPA and LTE, (70ms/5Mbps/2Mbps vs 34ms/25Mbps/10Mbps).

But Windows 10 says it’s HSPA, and I can’t get sms message neither.

Is there someone who’s using Aircard 320U with Windows 10? or, Aircard with bundeled software or NETGEAR’s software?

Plz give some answer. Thanks.

Unfortunately this is a Netgear product and I do not know how much support you would get here on the Sierra Forums.

However, I would suggest you head over to the and look at the downloads section. There is a Windows 10 patch specifically for your device that may help you out. (Direct Link below) . There are also some troubleshooting guides there that may help as well. Best of luck, I know how aggravating those USB Modems can be as I have an older ATT one sitting on my desk right now that I cant get to work either.

Never mind. I upgraded firmware and it recognizes LTE, although not working in stock program. I’ll just work with Windows 10 Native settings. LTE shows up and works fine. Thanks, though.