ADL L3 Service: MCC/MNC Documentation Unhelpful and Wrong!

Why can’t it just state what the coding is?? :unamused:

3GPP 04.18 is a 300-page document - SiWi really shouldn’t expect customers to wade through all that!

Worse still, having ploughed through 3GPP 04.18, you find that it isn’t actually in there at all any more - it’s now moved to 3GPP TS 24.008.

And to really top things off, having ploughed through 3GPP TS 24.008 - a 600-page document - you find that the format is, in fact, identical to the format used in other structures which SiWi do document! :angry:

Are they deliberately trying to wind us up :question: :exclamation:

(and, yes - the formatting in the document is rubbish just as shown!)

Hi awneil
I have already discussed this point with concerned people and they are finalising on the decision regarding what needs to done in this case.Will update you soon.