ADL Call Service Problem on T-Mobile USA?


I use

adl_callSetup( pNum, ADL_CALL_MODE_VOICE );

to initiate an outgoing call, where pNum points to the phone number string.
The return value is zero; ie, OK.

As expected, I get an ADL_CALL_EVENT_NEW_ID event, but then the next event is immediately ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_OK - there is no ADL_CALL_EVENT_ALERTING.

When I get the ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_OK event, AT+CLCC (list current calls) indicates that the call state is “dialling”

On Vodafone-UK I get ADL_CALL_EVENT_NEW_ID then ADL_CALL_EVENT_ALERTING and then ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_OK - and then AT+CLCC indicates that the call state is “active”

Why is the ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_OK event happening prematurely on T-Mobile USA :question:


On Vodafone UK, the sequence is:

Network                  FXT
|                         |ADL_CALL_EVENT_NEW_ID   --->
|              <--- SETUP |
|CALL_PROC --->           |
|PROGRESS  --->           |
|ALERT     --->           |
|                         |ADL_CALL_EVENT_ALERTING --->
|PROGRESS  --->           |
|CONNECT                  |
              <--- CON_ACK|
                          |ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_OK --->

Thus, on Vodafone UK, the ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_OK event indicates when the call has connected.

On T-Mobile USA, it goes:

Network                  FXT
|                         |ADL_CALL_EVENT_NEW_ID   --->
|                         |ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_OK --->
|              <--- SETUP |
:                         :

Here, the ADL_CALL_EVENT_SETUP_OK event tells us nothing.

So, the question is:
What event(s) can reliably be used to deternine when the outgoing call has connected :question:


Hi Awneil

Did you find any reason for this?



Awaiting a response from SiWi - nothing yet…

In fact, it seems to be worse than that - there don’t seem to be any ADL_CALL_… events after the SETUP_OK!