adl_busSubscribe() to SPI2 with beta release of OASIS 2.0

What is the syntax to specify the two SPI bus with the beta release of OASIS 2.0 (OS 6.00.06).

According to the ADL users guide, they’ve added a new parameter to the adl_busSubscribe from OASIS 1.0 and 2.0.
s32 adl_busSubscribe (adl_busID_e BusId, (adl_busID_e BusId,u32 BlockId,void * BusParam );

From the description, it seems that the u32 BlockId should be used to specify which SPI port to use, but in testing, I recieve a ADL_RET_ERR_PARAM.

Any help would be appreciated.

just for future reference:
this is fixed in current releases

setting BlockId to 1 addresses SPI1
setting BlockId to 2 addresses SPI2