adl_atCmdSendExt not firing handler for custom command

Hi, I am trying to call a custom command using adl_atCmdSendExt. My function below is generic and normally works when it is a non custom command such as AT+CSQ, but it does not return when I try and call a custom command. I can see in my traces that the command handler is being called, but cbModemATResponse never fires. Can I expect a response? Or is this somehow a special case (when calling a custom command from within the application).

s8 result =	adl_atCmdSendExt(ATCMD, ADL_PORT_OPEN_AT_VIRTUAL_BASE, ADL_NI_LAUNCH, NULL, (adl_atRspHandler_t) cbModemATReponse, "*", NULL);

	if (result == OK)
		trace("MNTC: Sent %s", ATCMD);
		trace("MNTC: Failed to send CMD (ExecModemAT) %d", result);

PS the reason I am calling the custom command internally is because the at command is being sent remotely to the modem (via SMS) and I want to execute it and return the response to the sender. I don’t know what command the user will send and therefore can’t call the command handler directly.

If I replace this command with adl_atCmdCreate(), then the normal command work and custom commands give me an ERROR response as expected.


there were few discussions lonk back on this topic, i think this :

Is this what you are looking for… anyways, i am trying your use case

Hi Rex_Alex, thanks for your reply.Their implementation is a possible one I guess, but as David points out, it would be nice to have a simpler solution, which I thought I had found with the adl_atCmdSendExt command? Thanks for trying out the user case. I look forward to your response.



Hi Rex_alex, have you managed to test my problem? What have you found?




ADL_NI_LAUNCH should search for handlers… seems like it is not doing that,.,…

what about the option ‘paras->NI’ instead of ADL_NI_LAUNCH… i did not test but this should call handler i believe…

hi everyone,
I have the same problem and I has conducted a test like below:
I start a timer with 3s cycle and each time the timer expires I call the adl_atcmdsendext.
And the result is the same that nothing has been triggered
But when I type the command directly through the command window of development studio, it starts striggerring my fuction
can somebody explain? pls

Hi Dylama,

I have incidently tried this again yesterday with no luck.

Rex-alex I was not sure what you meant by

I am not sure what to populate it with?