Added feature to force the module to use USB 2.0


In the changelog of the newest MC7455 Firmware, there is an entry:

Where can i find the information to know how to turn this feature on?

As per my understanding, if your host support USB2.0, then module will work on USB 2.0 interface.


But I thought you had to tape over pins in order for it to work on a USB 2.0 host?

If this new feature is present, and you can “force” the 7455 into 2.0 mode, it would seem this taping over of pins would no longer be needed…?

But maybe I am not understanding what the OP meant.

That was exactly how i ment it.
It would be great to have a feature where taping isnt required anymore.

And since it was mentioned in the changelog, there must be some command attached to it.

Would be great to know how to do this. (Or an update to the documentation)


Has anyone had an update on this topic and if it is possible to Force USB2 from Software ?

Many Thanks