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In my current configuration I have WP7502 over MangohRed board and a 4G sim. It is connected to my PC via CF3 USB. I have QMI drivers and Sdk configured on Ubuntu. Upon connecting I get qcqmi0 and 4 ttyUSB[n] for this board. The system gets a dynamic ip of and I can login as a root to the board via I use legato command: “cm data connect” in WP shell to turn on the data connection. Internet Ping via WP works fine.
My question is, how to access the WP’s internet from the PC?



The two IP connections are completely separate and you cannot 'bridge them with any command, you need to do one of two things to make this happen.

  • Write a Legato application to do what you want. The one in the post below will give you a starting point.
  • Use the unit as a dumb modem and connect it as per the attached (it says MC73 but is applicable to most of the current Q based units).


SWI Technical Note - Migration from DirectIP to RMNet on MC73xx Rev002.docx (347 KB)


Thanks mlw!
I tried the 2nd solution - basically use WP7502 as a dumb modem by following the doc. Currently via AT commands I can connect to internet. Upon issuing AT+cgpaddr=1, I get internet ip.
But on my ubuntu, eth0 is not getting any ip - which is the new interface created by WP7502.
Any clues?



sudo dhclient eth0




Thanks mlw. It worked. :smiley:


Now I’m using WP7502 in dumb mode by linux pppd demon and ppp interface
Say please, how can I enable eth0-eth2(at least one) for WP7502 for internet using.
Now eth0-eth2 not working and not up by ‘dhclient ethX’ commands.
Advise me, please, the sequence of AT-commands to enable connection by eth0-eth2(at least one)? Or appnote for this procedure for my WP7502.
Thank you