About flash

Hi all,

i want to write my logs in flash and i am at the beginning of it.

Before doing that i need some useful information about flash memory size.

i wonder how many flash handles i can subscribe and how many IDs i can subscribe per a handle.

What are those limitations ?

And do you have any suggestions about storing log texts in flash?

Thanks for ur help

They are stated in the ADL User Guide

in adl guide, there is only information like
max Id count per a handle is 2000 and every object is max 36 Kb .

but there is no information about how many handle we can create .

am i wrong?

i found that 63000 objects can be created on flash and every object has 30 Kbytes.

So does that mean flash total size is 63000*30Kb = about 1,8 Gb?