A&D rewd/write problem under RTE

In RTE (VC++ 6.0 for me), I find adl_adWrite() function is not really executed correctly.

If I call adl_adWrite() to write a small amount of data, e.g. 30 bytes, the return code is OK, but then if I call adl_adRead() to get back data I always get “FF” contents…

Only after I call adl_adFinalize() , or called adl_adWrite() for many times to make the adl_adRead() can get correct data. This make me need to debug my program using target mode (downloading .dwl file…), wasting more time.

Any soultion on this ?

Hello , i have the same problem , when i read data in debug mode i found a strange value but in release mode work well , can someone help me .

Thank you


Is it supposed to be valid to read without having first finalised :question:

Thank you for your answer , i called adl_adFinalize() juste befor rading data and i have the same problem , adl_adFinalize() is used just to make Read only data.

i think if a problem of adl_adFinalize() , it will be not work also in mode release .



In RTE mode, the FLASH memory is emulated using the host PC. See section of the ADL user guide.

There’s also a note about A&D storage and the RTE in section 3.22.11.

Maybe the A&D tests functions you’re working with don’t work correctly in RTE mode?

ciao, Dave

Yes , i think that the A&D tests functionsdon’t work correctly in RTE mode

It is always best to test the A&D related functionalites in the TARGET mode, as it would use the memory resources from the Wireless CPU. :angry:

Thank you but is there a solution for debug mode ?