7750 FW SAR Updated issue


I recently received brand new MC7750’s from Heartland as additional replacements for any out of warranty aircards that may fail; and they all work great. They’re presently being used in Panasonic CF-19 Toughbooks with Verizon cellular service.

However, I came across an issue the other day where it has happened to 2/10 MC7750 Aircards. Again, these MC7750’s have come factory flashed as “FW SAR Updated” although when connecting through VZ Access Manager it wanted to apply a firmware update, and I allowed it too. After applying the firmware update it would no longer connect through 4G / LTE connection, and resort to the slower “Mobile Broadband (EV-RevA) 3G” Connection only. If I highlight over the signal bar, it will show 4G LTE as unavailable, while 3G and 2G as available networks. I didn’t think to check the firmware version that it was flashed to from VZ Access Manager, but I was able to flash it back "FW; however, it will still only resort to 3G and 2G connections.

I attempted to flash back to an older version of with the same behavior. I was able to flash again back to from but without any change of limited connection options.

One discrepancy that I’ve noticed between receiving a factory flashed MC7750 with FW SAR updated compared to flashing back to that version myself is the MNC codesetting under WWAN Device Info. The factory flashed has a setting of 480 while after VZ Access Manager flashed, then I re-flashed to different version the MNC remained as 0. I don’t know how to have that code reset.

This has happened to 2 brand new factory FW SAR updated MC7750’s by accidentally letting VZ Access Manager download and flash the aircards to a version that I forgot to check.

VZ Access Manager flashed MC7750 from factory FW SAR to unknown.
Manually reflashed from that unknown version back to without any change. Downgraded to without any change, then flashed back to without any change.

Besides 4G LTE no longer appearing as a connection option after the flashing there’s also a change of “MNC” code from factory 480 to 0 after being flashed manually.

I’ve attached screenshots of the WWAN info without any PII attached.

Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can try,

Thank you,

This post has attached screenshots of the WWAN info with PII removed. The biggest factor that I could notice was the missing MNC code after being flashed.

Default factory flashed FW

Manually downgraded FW

Manually upgraded FW

The only connection options that I have available after it has been flashed.