[1.1.2] header files out of sync

Maybe i am misssing something but i have a strange error. The header files are out of sync in my project and if i only modify the header files the project get compiled but without the modification. There is no problem with C source files. In fact if i modify the c source file the new header files are compiled. I have been using the 1.1.0 vesion before without this issue. I am just asking because i think i am missing something because it is a very critical issue.

BTW: I also get a lot of null pointer exception…

The 1.1.0 release was sometimes pretty unstable, and was quickly replaced by the 1.1.1
There should be some corrupted metadata in your workspace inherited from 1.1.0, that cause these strange behaviours in 1.1.2

Maybe can you restart working with a new workspace, and import your “old” projects one by one in it?
Otherwise, the “out of sync” issue should be fixed by a simple refresh in the project explorer.
And about the Null Pointer Exceptions, can you please attach the error log?


I don’t know about the null pointer exceptions, but the header files problem is a known issue in 1.1.1 (don’t know if it existed in earlier versions).


too daav.
I didn’t use the same workspace. I will note the nullpointer exceptions and report it but i will use 1.1.0 until the header files bug is corrected or a workaround is exits. In fact if i create the ExternalStorage_IIC sample, the situtation is the same. I can confirm that hte 1.1.1. also has this issue.

The saddest part is that i cannot import the Oasis 2.33 (and 2.32) into 1.1.0 as the installation file is changed and the old program does not recognise it.

Sorry that i didn’t notice the other topic with the same problem!

Let’s use the other topic about this problem: