WS6318 L30 do not work in Liberia (OP 61807)


Yesterday we saw a strange behavior of the WS6318 modem in the operator’s network CELLKOMNET Liberia (MCCMNC 61807) using local SIM card or TravelSIM card.

Мodem in an endless loop produces a sequence of messages:
+CREG: 3
<delay for 3 seconds>

Next all repeats.

We have installed and use a few thousand WS6318 modems with version:
L30.1_00gg.WS6318 140312

We have not noticed the problems in Europe, Asia and Russia (roaming mode), but in Africa the modem just does not work.
Researching the problem has shown that it is not working firmware L30 only but R32 normally turned on and logged.

Unexpected small problem… Sorry, but the another problem with Sierra product.
With each new product we should expect a decrease in quality? It’s not a question. I think I just made a mistake with the choice of supplier.

I go to look for a firmware update.

It looks strange…

Is the network proper in that area where you are testing?
Is the issue only with WS6318 or with any other sierra module also?

Also that perticular SIM is working fine in your mobile?


Answer: “yes” to all of questions.

I will say more. Our other device at the same location (with a local SIM-card), but with only one difference in the WS6318 version of firmware to work properly. Working firmware version is R32, non-operating - L30.

The only way I can explain this behavior is the effect of EMI. Perhaps African network operates in other frequency bands and other timing relationships. The modem is restarted even before the first AT commands. We will try to update the modem firmware in place at the client.