WP85 interrupts


Can anyone explain how interrupts are handled and the preferred / best method using Legato / WP85?

For example GPIO2 is used on the Mangoh board (net GPIOEXP_INT2) - can we generate Legato events from this IP or do we need to do something in Linux or something else?

I’ve just noticed that Legato 15.10 documentation exists - and that there is a new service

Does this answer my question?

Thanks in advance


According to the doc it should be exactly what you need.


Are any latency figures available for this function?

I’m hoping GPIO2 is a real interrupt input

Hi John.

It should do what you need, but there will be some latency as you’re in userspace, so quite a lot has happened before you get called. I think the best thing would be to test and see.

Sorry for the delay in replying.