[WP7605][SW] Freeze after "reboot" or "AT!RESET"

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We faced issue that WP7605 was freezed after “reboot” or “AT!RESET” command.
We can collect syslog that WP7605 was freezed after AT!RESET", please see the attached file as “syslog_MAC.xlsx”.

According to “syslog_MAC.xlsx”, syslog could be shown in the middle of process, but not show after this feezeing.
I guess Modem core is freezed, but we’re not sure.

By the way, this issue was improved by hardware power-on/off.

Could you tell me potential root cause why module was freezed?

In order to analyze deeply, could you show the way what logs do you need?
Ideally, we hope any operation by operating standalone (not hope external tool, ex) dm-logger).

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syslog_MAC.7z (961.1 KB)

is this 100% reproducible?

No, this issue is not 100% reproducible. About 10-20%.

do you see this problem with mangoh board?

No, we try to reproduce this issue on mangOH board, but issue have not reproduce yet.

can it be hardware issue of your board?

Correct. But we’re not sure by which operation or hardware does issue happened.

you might need to contact distributor for hardware review

We already contact to R&D team via SFDC#01219418.
R&D commented that existed similar issue and fixed in SWI9X07Y_03.00.04.00 later.
We would like to know more detail whether similar issue is same issue with this.

didn’t you say this is hardware issue as you say it cannot be reproduced with mangoh board?

Not sure, because almost units worked correctly. If hardware issue was affected, I think all our units should be reproduced this issue.

can you use hardware reset then as you say “this issue was improved by hardware power-on/off”?