WP750x USB Audio Support


I am using the AirPrime WP7504 module (Generic PTCRB Firmware). The Customer Release Notes for the firmware state that Audio was removed from the USB composition in Release 15 (see first link below). Does this mean that USB-audio functionality is completely disabled, or only that it is disabled by default? (I am using the second link below as a reference; it appears that the USB-audio can be enabled with the AT!USBCOMP command.)

The Release Notes mentioned that the problem was related to Windows; I am using Linux, so I’m hoping that I can still use USB audio there.

Customer Release Notes: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/release_notes/wpx5xx-release-15-customer-release-notes/

AirPrime MC7304 Audio Management Application Note: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/application_notes_and_code_samples/airprime---mc7304---audio-management/