WP710x-Development kit - Required

Dear All,
We are looking to buy a development kit for the wp7104 ; Can any one tell us, how to buy development kits; our distributor is “Fargo Telecom Technology Pvt Ltd”; if possible please help us in knowing the below details

  1. Development kit catalog/datasheet/user manual/price if available
  2. Getting started.
  3. Basic sample examples…
    4.WP710x product stability?


Your distributor is the one you need to be talking to!

we got an information from sierra wireless, saying , "WP710x is not recommended for new designs and instead, WP Next Gen devices, like, WP85xx and WP75xx. But these products are yet to be ready"; let us know how is the road map for these devices and when can be made available for customer.


Did you find a WP development kit in the meantime?
Or is currently none available? Because even the Sierra wireless estore doesn’t show any for the WP series.

I’m looking for a development kit for the WP8548