wip_TCPServerCreate problem


I use Fastract Supreme 20 modem with R71b firmware on it. It uses WIP Plug-in 4.0.

After establishing GPRS connection, sometimes my wip_TCPServerCreate function returns NULL. It is rare but annoying. The documantation says it means an error occurs when trying to create server socket. But how can i get the more information about the error? How can i get to know what causes this error?


Try enabling Debug traces.This would give you more information regarding your error.


The problem is that i dont know how to take traces in DS. My application changes the baudrate to 300 and switches into data mode. I even dont know if it is possible to take trace in 300 baud and data mode.
I am planning to ask distributor how to take traces basicly in DS & R7.43 firmware. Before i ask him, could you advise me any document to investigate using traces?

You can’t currently do this in DS.
See: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/data-pass-through-to-physical-com-port-on-the-pc/4881/1

I suggest that you get an IESM plug-in card which gives you access to the USB and UART2 ports - and use one of them for traces.

Alternatively, go back to TMT - best to ask your Distributor about that…