Wip library and ADL


How do I bypass the wip_bearer initialization with the adl_gprs functions, and still use the wip library for sockets???

I would like to get the gprs interface up (setup, activate) with the adl libraries, but still use the wip libraries for sockets

it would seem that

adl_gprsSetupExt() -> adl_gprsActExt() then open socket with wip_TCPClientCreate() does not work.


Hi wavelet !

I had the same problem, but with edLib librairy… It isnt possible to use adl_gprs functions and edLib functions together.

But, in my case (with edLib), i subscribe to “adl_gprsSubscribe()” function and i do receive, in the corresponding gprsHandler function, all the “adl_gprs” events. Even if all the initialisations and uses of GPRS service is done with edLib functions.

It will maybe work with wip librairy too…


Hey thanks.

I was going to try that next. My main need for the avoiding the wip_bearer mechanism is becasue I am having a hard time dealing with connection events. With the adl interface, it would seem that network status event handling is way simpler.



“adl_gprs” events works works with wip bearer also.

Bearer api will do everything for you (including GPRS attach, PDP context activation) and it is easily configurable with the setOpts() function. It should be documented what is the default value for every value, however you can check with the getOpts() funnction what is the current configuration.
In practise you have to care for only these events:


The WIP_BEV_STOPPEP event comes only when you stop the bearer with bearerStop() function.