Wip_cev_error -1000

I have a problem starting TCP/IP connection. I work with developper studio 2.1.1

I have the WIP_CEV_ERROR -1000, that means the TCP client that we trying to Read/Write is aborted.

“Developer Studio\0” “\0”
“Open AT Framework package\0” “\0”
“Open AT OS Package\0” “\0”
“Firmware Package\0” “\0”
“Internet Library Package\0” “\0”

I call the function : SMTP_ClientPuteFile() witch calls SMTP_ClientDataHandler(); But I can’t progress because of the WEP_CEV_ERROR -1000…

After compilation, I have this:
2012/05/02;15:55:06:157;007;ADL;1;Binary header at 00260000
2012/05/02;15:55:06:157;008;ADL;16;[ADL PORT] subs (00263415) : 0
2012/05/02;15:55:06:157;009;ADL;16;[ADL PORT] subs (00265013) : 1
2012/05/02;15:55:06:157;010;ADL;22;[ADL] flash subs 2 : -4
2012/05/02;15:55:06:173;001;ADL;22;Flh Obj 0000 Len : 4
2012/05/02;15:55:06:173;002;ADL;22;Read Flh Obj 0000 (4) : 0
2012/05/02;15:55:06:173;003;ADL;16;[ADL PORT] event : 0 (port 80 ; state 0)
2012/05/02;15:55:06:173;004;ADL;16;[ADL PORT] event : 0 (port 01 ; state 0)
2012/05/02;15:55:06:173;005;ADL;22;Flh Obj 0000 Len : 4
2012/05/02;15:55:06:188;001;ADL;16;[ADL PORT] unsubs (1) : 0
2012/05/02;15:55:06:188;002;ADL;4;Embedded Application : Main
2012/05/02;15:55:06:204;001;ADL;20;New error hdlr (002600e9) : 0
2012/05/02;15:55:06:204;002;ADL;4;SMTP Client Service test application : Send Mail with SMTP
2012/05/02;15:55:06:204;003;ADL;20;[ADL] tmr subs ; id 0 ; hdlr 00271F49 ; val 5 ; cycl 2
2012/05/02;15:55:06:219;001;ADL;4;wip_netInit returned 0
2012/05/02;15:55:06:219;002;ADL;4;+WIP AT Commands successfully subscribed.
2012/05/02;15:55:06:219;003;ADL;4;GPRS Handler initialization : GPRS_Handler
2012/05/02;15:55:07:899;001;ADL;4;(SimHandler) Enter. Event : 2
2012/05/02;15:55:09:344;001;ADL;4;(SimHandler) Enter. Event : 5
2012/05/02;15:55:14:979;001;ADL;4;(SimHandler) Enter. Event : 3
2012/05/02;15:55:14:984;001;ADL;4;(InitRegisterCreg) Enter.
2012/05/02;15:55:14:990;001;ADL;4;(InitRegisterCreg) Registered on GPRS network.
2012/05/02;15:55:14:996;001;ADL;4;GPRS Connection initialization : ConnectGPRS
2012/05/02;15:55:15:000;001;ADL;4;ConnectGPRS: GPRS bearer opened
2012/05/02;15:55:15:005;001;ADL;4;ConnectGPRS: GPRS bearer options set
2012/05/02;15:55:15:009;001;ADL;27;Call subs 0027E0B5 : 0
2012/05/02;15:55:15:013;001;ADL;31;[ADL] Gprs subs 0026F721 : 0
2012/05/02;15:55:15:018;001;ADL;16;[ADL port] IsAvailable(80) : 1
2012/05/02;15:55:15:022;001;ADL;31;[ADL] Gprs setup 1 : 0
2012/05/02;15:55:15:028;001;ADL;1;mySimHandler: Pin code OK! SIM ready, start GPRS bearer.
2012/05/02;15:55:15:033;001;ADL;4;ConnectGPRS: GPRS bearer started
2012/05/02;15:55:15:038;001;ADL;16;[ADL port] IsAvailable(80) : 1
2012/05/02;15:55:17:190;001;ADL;4;GPRS_Handler: event 2
2012/05/02;15:55:17:190;002;ADL;4;GPRS_Handler: WIP_BEV_IP_CONNECTED => IP communication ready
2012/05/02;15:55:17:190;003;ADL;4;GPRS bearer connected
2012/05/02;15:55:17:206;001;ADL;4;Public IP address is Primary and Secondary DNS Addresses are => DNS1: DNS2:
2012/05/02;15:55:17:206;002;ADL;4;(wip_SMTPClientCreateOpts) Channel created, returned 403732136
2012/05/02;15:55:17:221;001;ADL;4;Session wip_getOpts(): connect, User = anonymous Pwd = wipsmtp, 0
2012/05/02;15:55:18:369;001;ADL;4;smtp_ClientCnxHandler: 2 0x0
2012/05/02;15:55:18:369;002;ADL;4;smtp_ClientCnxHandler: WIP_CEV_OPEN
2012/05/02;15:55:18:385;001;ADL;4;smtp_ClientPutFile, returned 403732136
2012/05/02;15:55:18:385;002;ADL;4;Data_getOpts(): sender is Djib Aramac <djib.aramac@micromedia-int.com>, 1, subject=Hello, this is a test!
2012/05/02;15:55:18:401;001;ADL;4;rec = pier.xavier@micromedia-int.com,guillaume.guy@micromedia-int.com, cc_rec = , bcc_rec = william.bec@micromedia-int.com,phil.messi@micromedia-int.com
2012/05/02;15:55:18:822;001;ADL;4;smtp_ClientCnxHandler: 1 0x0
2012/05/02;15:55:18:837;001;ADL;4;smtp_ClientCnxHandler: eventError 0
2012/05/02;15:55:18:837;002;ADL;4;smtp_ClientCnxHandler: wip_getOpts returned 0 ErrorCode -1000
2012/05/02;15:55:18:853;001;ADL;4;smtp_ClientCnxHandler: (Internet Library socket error) WIP_CEV_ERROR -1000
2012/05/02;15:55:18:853;002;ADL;4;smtp_ClientDataHandler: 1 0x0
2012/05/02;15:55:18:853;003;ADL;4;smtp_ClientDataHandler: WIP_CEV_ERROR -1000
2012/05/02;15:55:18:854;001;ADL;1;[ERROR SMTP]: 0 Socket error !!USCODES

It seems my TCP/IP connection has been broken but I don’t know why…
What is the problem?

Thanks a lot!


ascii BufferTrace[200];

TRACE ( ( NORMAL_TRACE_LEVEL, "smtp_ClientCnxHandler: eventError %d\n", ev->content.error ) );

ret = wip_getOpts ( pSmtpClientCtx->CnxChannel,
TRACE ( ( NORMAL_TRACE_LEVEL, "smtp_ClientCnxHandler: wip_getOpts returned %d ErrorCode %d\n", ret, ErrorCode ) );

-1000(WIP_CERR_ABORTED) means "Tried to read/write an aborted TCP client. " cause you are doing something (wip_getOpts) on the connection, while the connection is allready most likely dead, since you are in the WIP_CEV_ERROR case.

I can find nothing to “eventError 0” in the documentation… should 0 be an error at all? in my understanding 0 means ALLWAYS everything is fine…

Funny is, that only -994 (WIP_CERR_INVALID), -998 (WIP_CERR_NOT_SUPPORTED ) and -999(WIP_CERR_CSTATE ) are listed as (negative) return-values at the function description in the dev guide… :smiley:


Thanks but what I don’t know is what kills my connection. I’m just trying to get some options for the error. I don’t know why the TCP client whitch was OK is aborted sometimes after getting some informations.

Thanks a lot CAA

are you allways getting this error or only on a couple of times?

I get this error a few seconds after getting the WIP_CEV_OPEN. That means to me that the TCP/IP connection was etablished correctly and after it is broken but I don’t know the reason.