Where and How do you use Sierra Wireless Modems?

Sierra Wireless technology enables solutions for a broad range of target Markets, including applications for Mobile Computing, Mobile Consumer Security, Networking, Metering, etc.

I am interested in integration and wonder how the SWI modem was being used. However, in most case we do not know the products or solution that we use in our daily life are actually embedded with Sierra Wireless technology. Nespresso Connected Coffee Machine is one of them.

I understand it may comes with legal concern but sharing on some announced and successful cases or ideas could be a good start for discussion, we don’t necessary to go too deep in details or the application flow, etc.


And, similarly: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/nespresso-connected-coffee-machine-use-case-discussion/5527/1

Other examples:

  • Vending machine remote monitoring;
  • RFID remote monitoring & tracking;
  • Vehicle tracking/road-pricing;
  • Fingerprint-based time/attendance terminal;
  • Energy monitor;
  • GPS personal tracker;
  • Stolen vehicle recovery;
  • Alarm monitoring;


We use sierra wireless products on remote metering, energy monitoring. We are also electronic electricy meter producer and we use the wireless products to monitor the meters on test in factory.

Hi Awneil,

Thanks for reply, I read your portfolio and it’s amazing (it reminds me the UV eraser for EPROM). :wink:

May I ask a bit more like,
What is your favorite and most used SWI product?
If Open AT Application Framework solve and eliminate the need for external processor (MCU) and in what case cannot?


Hi Zafer,
Thanks for reply.
I believe you use a lot of OpenAT Application framework along with SWI products, right? :smiley:

Yeah :smiley: we have been developing with Open AT for many years. I even remember 655_09gg.Q2406B FW. i also remember edsoft tcp library :slight_smile: Now, in the field, we have many kinds of SiWi products with several versions of firmware installed like 663x series, R7.1b, R7.43-45-46…