What does AT+WIOM do internally


In my open at application, i set an IO pin to output high and low respectively. Beginning pin state is Z or input. Then i do the following:

  1. AT+WIOM=1,“GPIO24”,0
  2. AT+WIOM=1,“GPIO24”,1
    This means open at configures the GPIO24 output low. Then at the second line, GPIO24 is set to high. The internal process of the module is like the following? :
  3. Configure GPIO24 as output
  4. Set GPIO to LOW
  5. Set GPIO to HIGH

I want to know is there any delay setting gpio to output at the first time? And the second execution is faster?

Why don’t you add a timer function adl_tmrSubscribe to do the delay for the first GPIO setting?

Hi jyijyi,
my problem is solved. thank you anyway.
i just wondered if there is any delay executing AT+WIOM to set a GPIO to output. I also recommend using adl_gpio service. it is faster than AT commands executing.