Wavecom University Contact

:smiley: The 3rd of October, Wavecom launched its own University. The aim of this training is to provide you with a detailed, technical and very professional training on Open AT capabilities and on Open AT plug-ins.

:arrow_right: Should you have any question regarding date/place/content, please do not hesitate to contact university@wavecom.com.


Hmm, must have been a kind of quiet release campain for that university.

I think I’ll better have a talk with my Wavecom contact. :angry:

They should be informing their customers of this or else they are not doing their job properly…
It could be a bit too late to find this information 2 months after the release…


This 2 points could be useful:

Wavecom has quite a few communication channels for customers and when they have something big to say, it goes out on a public press release to ensure maximum coverage in the shortest time.

This is the PR for “Wavecom University”:


More significantly, it’s free for anyone to subscribe to the PR notification system here:


Be sure to get the news directly to your inbox :smiley:

My comment was that the first courses began in September 2005 and the PR for “Wavecom University” (pressrelease and email from “PR notification system” (which I by the way have been receiving for many years now. :wink: )) was launched, via a “public press release to ensure maximum coverage in the shortest time”, in the 3rd of november.

My criticism was that the product was released before the majority of users knew about it (or had the chance to participate).

Anyway, thanks for the links to the education companies in the “Next Course / Opinions” topic.