W32K under OPENAT

we are trying to make Q2686 enter sleep Mode by using OPENAT application, There also got error and Q2686 could not enter sleep mode, anybody can help me?

bool SleepResponse(adl_atResponse_t *response)
char string[120];

adl_atSendResponse ( ADL_AT_RSP,response->StrData);

void EnterSleep()
int returnValue = adl_atCmdCreate(“AT+W32K=1,0\r\n”, ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE (ADL_PORT_UART1, FALSE),
SleepResponse, “*”, NULL);


What is the error received.

Does the application goes in SleepResponse handler.


Yes, the application goes in SleepResponse handler, but only got “ERROR” message.

This works for me:

adl_atCmdSend("AT+W32K=1,0", NULL, NULL );

But then you don’t know if the AT command succeeded or gave an error.

OP should do AT+CMEE=1 to get a proper error code together with the error.

Have you tried the command without the program running to see if you get an error?
The \r\n in the string is not necessary btw.

It worked after removing “\r\n”, thanks a lot for the help

That’s interesting :open_mouth:

I knew that the \r\n was not necessary - but didn’t realise that it actually made a difference!

Is this an expected behaviour, or a bug :question: