Using Keypad Row & Column pins as GPIO

The Keypad Interface section of the WMP100 Tech Spec & Design Guidelines (Rev 002, March 07) says:

How does one disable this scanning & debouncing to just use the pins as GPIOs?

Is this done automatically by subscribing to them as GPIOs?

Did you ever figure out how to use the keypad ROW/COL pins as normal GPIOS on the WMP100?

I’ve got the exact same problem, and can’t seem to get them to work. I found in the AT command reference that issueing a “AT+WHCNF=0,0” is supposed to disable the keypad functionality. It does disable the keypad functionality (the bottons on my dev kit no longer cause unsolicited AT responses), but the GPIOS are not available for subscription.

When I try to subscribe to GPIOS 8, 12, 13, I get an error return of ADL_IO_ERR_USED for all three GPIOs in their adl_ioError_e field of the adl_ioDefs_t passed in to the subscription. If I just switch the GPIO numbers to 19, 20, 21, then everything works just fine.

Is there some configuration step that I’m missing beyond the issuing of the “AT+WHCNF=0,0” command?

Did you manage to get it working ? As far as I know, using AT+WHCNF=0,0 should be enough.

No - since it’s undocumented, I didn’t waste time with it and just used “ordinary” GPIOs instead!

A Wavecom support guy said that most recent version of OpenAT supports
using keyboard signals as GPIO.I hope he’s correct given the fact that I designed the PCB
using that feature.
Eddie :mrgreen:

The AT+WHCNF Hardware Configuration command description says,

I presume, then, that this would be the way to do it - although I haven’t tried it yet…

Actually, it sounds like this is another one of those things for which the Open-AT API provides no support - you have to do it manually with AT commands. :angry:

See: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2031&p=7587&hilit=messing+about#p7587