Using both UART's simultaneously



     Im using wireless CPU Q2686G. In my application im using both UART's for receiving data at the same time, data will be continuously received from both UART's. I am using FCM for UART2 to receive the continuous data and processing the received data happens.But while im using FCM with different handlers to recieve continous data through UART1 it does not happens and im not able to  process  the recieved data. 

Can anybody reply how to receive data from both UART’s at the same time using FCM?


There should be no difference from using each UART separately.

Does your UART1 code work alone?


hi awenil,

    If i am using each UART's separately in my code ( UART1 or UART0 )then there is no problem. But when i use subscribe them both in the code (UART0 and UART1) then i am able to receive data in only in UART1. 

can u reply how get data in both the UART’s at the same time?


As I said before, I am aware of no special requirements for using both UARTs - so it must be a bug in your code, rather than a specific feature of Open-AT

In your posts you seem to be confusing UART0/1 and UART1/2 - maybe you have a similar mix-up in your code… :question: