Use of EM7411with Cricket Wireless

My Peplink MAX BR1 Mini router has the Sierra Pacific EM7411 modem. Can you tell me settings that will allow it to work with Cricket Wireless Simply-Data plan.

Currently I have the Cricket Sim installed. With the APN “ndo” the Sim is recognized and an ip address is assigned. It appears to connect but then quickly fails a Health Check and disconnects.

The EM7411 fails the Cricket compatibility checker, but Cricket uses the ATT network for which both modem and router are approved. Seems like it should work.

Thoughts and guidance would be appreciated.

Hi @franksilkwood,

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According to the description, could you please let me know which firmware your EM7411 is currently running?
If it’s not the latest one, please update it to the latest firmware to see if the issue still exists.
Here is the link to the latest firmware for EM7411:
Can you send AT commands to the EM7411? Please share the output of the following commands:

AT!ENTERCND=<“key”> (default is AT!ENTERCND=“A710”)


The EM7411 firmware is, which appears to be current on the list in the link for all the carriers (including ATT but not including Cricket).

I’m afraid I don’t know how to send AT commands to the EM7411. And, from the Peplink forum I don’t think there is a way.

Hi @franksilkwood,

From a support perspective for the Sierra EM7411 device, in order to analyze the issue, a prerequisite is that you must be able to send AT commands to the EM7411 module.
However, in this case, as you are using the Peplink MAX BR1 Mini router with the Sierra Pacific EM7411 modem, it’s advisable for you to contact Peplink’s technical support for the best assistance.