Unknown SIM file?


I have seen this report in the trace file “sim_SimUpdateReq : Unknown SIM file !” but don’t know what it means and can’t find any reference in the docs. The only ref on the forum is below, but it is not discussed.
Any hints anyone?


The traces you are receiving are the debug traces from one of the internal layers.Sierra wireless uses these traces for debug purposes and you won’t find any information regarding this in the docs.Are you facing any problem that you feel might be related to this?



I see these messages, and have no reason to beleive that they cause any problems.


Thanks for confirming that. I have a problem with my GPRS/ TCP/IP link on the newer firmware (R7.43, R7.44) so was examining the logs in detail and wondered if that was something to be worried about.

Any one else having trouble moving to R7.43 & R7.44? My current app was developed on R7.40 for the FSU20. It runs fine. There are no FSU20s left so I’m compiling it for R7.44 to go on an FXT01 (Xtend).
On an FSU20 or Xtend loaded with R7.44, the GPRS opens but the WIP_BEV_IP_CONNECTED is never received, so no TCP/IP launch etc … I’m using Developer Studio 1.1.2 so the packages are all well managed (I think!) so I would hope the build was good.

But it no work.
Any clues? Like … oh have you pressed the R7.44 button on the subsubtab to the sub tab to the tab which says AOB? Or … didn’t you know R7.44 only works on Tuesdays … :wink: