Unable to attach mc 7304 on airtel network.

I am using SIERRA WIRELESS 1400338 REV 2 with Sierra Wireless Airprime MC7304 PCI Express Mini Card , but unable to attach it over the airtel LTE network.
Airtel offers 2300MHz TDD-LTE (band 40) and 1800MHz FDD-LTE (band 3)
MC7304 is supporting all the technologies , hence LTE is there, and even band 3 is also supported by it, but still unable to attach it over the network.

Tried running AT command : AT!GSTATUS?
where it was showing band 0 and showing no service.

MC 7304 is supporting all the given technologies.

Even i tried running qmicli command having version 1.4.0 with this chip.

sudo qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm1 --wds-start-network --verbose
it always give callFailed.

But if i run the same command on my laptop attaching a dongle with it containing airtel 4g sim and with libqmi version
1.4.0 it works perfectly and shows network started .
qmicli.txt (6.19 KB)