UART raw access example

Newbie here. I’ve run this example and entered AT+WDU=1,“UART1”,115200 to initialise the UART which seems to happen (I’ve added some debug outputs), but typing into the hyperterminal does not create an event. I guess this may be something to do with the port reuse (to send AT commands and to detect the user input - the example changes the use input’s case - upper to lower and vice versa)? As this is a simple example, what am I missing, it must be something obvious? :confused:

PS. I’m using Q26 FastTrack Supreme 20

Well, I’ve added a second PC on COM 2 and tried communicating with that and still get nothing. The characters appear in the TMT Data window but the sample app just sits there waiting for a serial event. This is getting annoying now! It must be some thing simple. :angry:


Have you opened the 2nd port from the ‘External Com’ menu?

Yes. I can see the External Com data coming in in the TE Data window, but the application is just sitting waiting for the event here:

  TRACE((1, "Wait for a Received Data......"));
  adl_atSendResponse(ADL_AT_RSP, "\r\nWait for a Received Data......\r\n");            
  /* wait for Rx Available event */
  adl_eventWait( EventHandle,
  adl_atSendResponse(ADL_AT_RSP, "\r\nEvent received\r\n");    

The event received output is never seen.

The simple answer to this, is that the example doesn’t work with the FSU and the comm port mux. Even with an extender board giving a second serial port, I couldn’t get it to work.
It does work with the dual port dev boards.

I have since got the ports working OK using the FCM method of controlling the uarts.