UART DataHandler, receive data size is 16, not 120?

I’m using module Q24 with Firmware 6.57h, In ADL Guide said that UART Data Handler can receive up to 120 bytes per time called. But I’ saw that my app only receives max 16 byte per time, larger data always split into 16 bytes segment (too small). So I don’t know how to receive more data each time DataHandler is called?

FCM decides this - you have no control over it.

You must design your datahadler to accept the data however it gets divided…

Thank you, awneil!
I just don’t know if it is a bug of my app, but I wonder know why FCM split data into 16 bytes, it’s too small segment. My app routing data from UART port to TCP/IP and vice versa, the other side of TCP/IP is a third-party app, and it was failed because of fragment data in FCM, Do you have any advice?

You just have to accept that it does.

It’s perfectly legal.

The other side knows nothing about FCM; all it sees is TCP packets - it is up to you to correctly format those packets as required by that application.