Trying to get started with Developper Studio


I’m trying to get started with legato app development on Developper Studio.
I’m following your Get Started tuto, I built and executed successfully HelloWorld, and I’m now on the next step and it’s not so easy.

I tried as far as I could to -adapt- your tuto to Dev Studio :sweat: and I think I’m pretty close to the same thing.
Anyway, when I build the project, I get the following error:

/tmp/build/HelloIPC2/Target_Legato_Debug/staging/read-only/lib/ undefined reference to `printer_Print'

I do have the next folder tree:

     ├── helloIPC.adef       // instead of helloApp.adef  !?!
     ├── printClient/
     │    ├── client.c
     │    └── Component.cdef
     └── printServer/
          ├── Component.cdef
          ├── server.c
          └── server.h

I have the LE_SHARED definition in server.h so I don’t see why I can get that error based on my understanding.

Any idea?

Hi AlBo,

Seems like missing printer.api file

Maybe you can refer to the complete example app package below: