Timestamp for SDK APIs like SLQSNasGetSigInfo?

Is it possible to get an accurate timestamp for when the data was collected for SDK API calls like SLQSNasGetSigInfo? I can use the system call time() before calling the API but this is really not correct.

How about system call to date commad?

same problem as time, happens before the api call.

Do you mean the timing is not so accurate?
Why do you think this is not correct method?

time_t t1 = time(NULL);
resultCode = SLQSNasGetSigInfo( &resp );

How do I know the exact time the values were read? time happened before SLQSNasGetSigInfo is called.

If you add another time() after calling the API, how much time does it take?

yes can do that and can guess at the time … …

I don’t believe it will take too much time for the API