It is possible to use threads in Open AT, or how can I do multitasking?



Hi Julian,

Until Open AT v4.01, it is not possible to have multitasking in Open AT application created using ADL mode. The application executes as a single task (and a single thread of execution).
However, using Open AT basic mode, you can have three tasks running.

I think that with new release of Open AT, the multitasking will be implemented in ADL mode too.

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I haven’t seen anything that indicates multitasking in 4.0x or 4.1x so far. Don’t know about 4.2x as we haven’t received any beta of that.

What is available in newer 4.xx is the interrupt things but those doesn’t look that useful and requires feature unlocking.

It would be nice if the threading from OpenAT basic would be accessible through ADL, or if Wavecom could supply an IP library for use with OAT basic, but I don’t expect either of these things to arrive anytime soon.



Hi OpenAT_Fan, thanks for your answer, but I’ve never programmed in basic mode so I do not know how could I get three tasks running, I mean, can I use posix threads? or what is the mechanism to do that? …

Thanks again for your answer



Hi Tobias and Julian,

I think your right about Basic mode it seems that this is not the path Wavecom choosed to follow but last time I met Wavecom they were really speaking about Multitasking in the very near futur so there’s hope… We’ll see in the coming weks…



You mean in the coming years? :wink:



Hi everybody,

i’m also interested in multitasking and i’ve seen that using ADL is not posible. So i have the question:
Can’t i mix ADL and Basic mode???




Preemptive multithreading is available Oasis 2, I think there’s supposed to be a beta available somewhere (as usual, ask distributors or FAEs). Beware though: although there are several threads available to users, the whole ADL and WIP APIs remain non-blocking, so it’s not trivial to escape from the event-driven approach.

If you don’t need <.01 second realtime, and target WMP/Q26 architectures, you should also consider Open AT Lua, which offers cooperative multithreading and blocking APIs.